Waverly Mill Rules


1. Every worker must be at his or her place in the Mill ready to commence Work when the Engine starts.

II. No time will be paid for but what is properly checked at the Gate.

III. All Workers not inside the Gate at 6.0 a.m., 9.0 a.m., and 2.0 p.m. will be fined 1d; if more than 5 Minutes late 2d; and if more than 15 Minutes late 3d. If oftener late than once during the Fortnight 1d extra fine each time. Day Workers being late will have the time kept off as well.

IV. Every Worker must stay at his or her place in the Mill, and all noise and gossiping strictly prohibited. Books and Newspapers must not be brought into the Mill to be read during work hours.

V. No worker allowed to leave the Mill during Work hours without permission from the Foreman of the department, who will give a check to be left with the Gatekeeper.

VI. No worker to be absent from Work without permission, except in case of Illness, or they will be fined 2s 6d per day in addition to the time being kept off.

VII. Any worker losing time through Drunkenness will be instantly dismissed.

VIII. Smoking within the Gates is strictly prohibited ; any Worker found doing so will be instantly dismissed.

IX. No Worker to carry Lucifer Matches into the Works, and no one to Light the Gas but the Foreman of each department, and only with the Covered Lamps provided for the purpose.

X. The Foreman of each department will lock up his department when the Engine stops and leave the key with the Gatekeeper, and no person to stay inside the Works when the Engine is standing without permission.

XI. The Rules relating to Sweeping and Cleanliness in each department must be strictly observed, and it is particularly requested that all Workers acquaint themselves with the “Instructions in case of Fire,” and promptly and carefully act on them if necessary.

XII. Any Worker leaving the employment must give a Fortnight’s Notice.