Armless Rob and Nell

Airmless Rob and Nell
Rob lost an arm at the Siege of San Sebastian in Spain during the year of 1813.  After the Napoleonic Wars he returned to Moodlaw Point in his  hometown Langholm to carry a less dangerous war of words with his gude-wife, Nell.
They were a queer couple. They lived in the lower part of a house part of a house looking on to Moodlaw Point.

They frequently transferred their domestic disputes to the Square with the local boys as a kind of jury. The rows were as popular as football.

Owing to these domestic squabbles Rob, one day, tried to commit suicide. The place selected was ‘Chick’s Pool’ in Wauchhope, near Besse Bell’s Brae.

He was rescued and restored to Nell by Tom McVittie, who also, curiously enough, had but one arm.
Nell was one of the few women in Langholm who smoked a clay pipe.


The upstairs of the house was occupied by ‘Wullie Wud’ who, strangely enough, he too had only one arm.
Wullie was a splendid maker of ‘nibbies’. Some folk thought his gnarled appearance bore a striking resemblance to his carvings.